What Is Northern Mexican Cuisine?

Northern Mexican cuisine differs slightly from Southern Mexican food, but some common ingredients exist. For example, you’ll find a lot of dishes with a goat. Besides the goat, you’ll find words such as Cabrito (roast goat), Machaca (dried shredded meat), and Carne Asada (grilled marinated skirt steak). Other typical dishes include burritos (rolled flour tortillas filled with meat and vegetables) and quesadillas (pan-fried tortillas filled with meat and cheese). You’ll find fried fish, seafood tacos (Ense Pesce Tacos), and even grilled lobster tails. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can try the famous Negro mole, which has a nutty, spicy flavor.

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Discada in northern Mexican cuisine is a hearty dish made from different sausage and meat. It is traditionally served during special occasions and family gatherings. In addition to being flavorful, it also contains protein and fiber. Protein builds tissue in the body, while fiber helps with digestion and keeps you feeling full. Another advantage of discada is that it is low in fat and calories.

Discada in northern Mexican cuisine is a popular dish traditionally prepared over an open fire and made from a mixture of different meat. It is usually made from beef, pork, or chorizo and is seasoned with lime juice and peppers.

Arrachera burritos

The beefy flavor of arrachera is a popular ingredient in northern Mexican cuisine. This cut is typically cooked quickly over high heat, making it an excellent choice for burritos. Its bold flavor is enhanced by spirited salsa. This dish is easily prepared at home and only requires two pounds of beef, twelve corn tortillas, and one bunch of spring onions. To make an arrachera burrito, slice the meat into 3/4 inch-wide strips. These strips will shrink when cooked, so they need to be large enough to hold the heart.

In addition to beef, northern Mexican cuisine includes a variety of other foods. Wheat cultivation has influenced the use of flour tortillas, which were invented in Sonora. This region is also known for its cheeses. Cheese is another essential part of the cuisine in northern Mexico, with several types of cheese popular throughout the region. Another regional staple is machaca, traditionally prepared by dehydrating dried beef. Another staple is Capirotada, a dish similar to bread pudding made with bolillo bread and seasoned with sugar and nuts.

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Cochinita pibil

Cochinita pibil is a slow-cooked pork stew from the Yucatan Peninsula. It is usually served with fresh habanero and marinated onion. Although it is traditionally made with baby pigs, pork shoulder, butt, and loin are also used.

This roasted pork dish originated in the Mayan culture. The Mayans used a pit with a fire at the bottom to cook various foods. These meals were trendy during the Day of the Dead, known as Hanal Pixan. They were believed to be the most important celebrations in the pre-Hispanic world.

This is a popular dish in the Mexican states of Yucatan, Merida, and Valladolid. It is usually served with tortillas made of corn.

Negro mole

The Negro mole is an integral part of northern Mexican cuisine. It is a traditional stew that combines a variety of vegetables and spices. Traditionally, the ingredients are roasted and ground into a fine paste or powder. The process is very labor-intensive and usually takes several days. Many families pass down the tradition for several generations and have their recipes. The preparation of mole is traditionally reserved for special occasions.

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The mole negro is a variation on the mole poblano that comes from Oaxaca. This version is darker and more intense. It has a unique flavor that comes from the use of the medicinal herb hoja santa. It is considered one of the most challenging moles to create and is often made into enchiladas.

Green mole

The origin of the green mole is obscure, but it is believed to have originated in the convents of Puebla. It is similar to an Indian curry but has a more delicate flavor. The process of making moles is very similar to the process of making curries in India.

After roasting the ingredients, the mole is ground into a fine paste or powder. This process can take up to three days when done by hand and is often done by several generations of women. In the last century, the process has become easier with the advent of electric grinders. Each family has its recipe for this dish, which is traditionally prepared for special occasions.

The most famous mole variety is the mole poblano. It was initially made in the state of Puebla and is regarded as the national dish of Mexico. It has even been named the nation’s federal and most typical dish.

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Northern Mexican cuisine consists of numerous types of cheese, such as quesillo. Many of these are native to the region. Other types of cheese are imported from other areas, such as Germany and Switzerland. These cheeses are used to prepare tacos, taco salads, and other Mexican dishes.

Quesillo is a mild-flavored, stringy cheese typically made in the Yucatan Peninsula. It is versatile, melts without melting, and is used for grating hot or cold foods. It is also commonly used as a topping on the elite. Another type is the Queso Cotija cheese, which comes from Cotija in Michoacan. Its distinctive texture and flavor make it an excellent choice for various dishes.

Oaxacan cuisine also uses quesillo as a significant ingredient. It’s commonly added to various dishes and snacks in this region and is often served as botana, small plates of food. If you visit Oaxaca, you’ll likely come across this cheese, so be sure to sample it if you can.


While beans are not the staples of Northern Mexican cuisine, they have a long history in the region. Their domestication dates back to Mesoamerica and South America. Common beans include the pinto bean and black turtle bean. They are rich in protein and are often used as a base for dishes. While they have a different amino acid profile than corn, their flavors and textures complement one another. They are usually cooked on a plow disc.

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Northern Mexican cooking is also influenced mainly by ingredients that grow locally. Among the essential elements is chile. Chiles come in different flavors and different levels of spiciness. They are used as a base for both green and red sauces. Other common ingredients include garlic, onions, and jalapenos. Another staple of northern Mexican cuisine is carne asada, served in tacos or grilled.


Rice is a staple of northern Mexican cuisine. It is used in various dishes, ranging from rice pudding to stews. Mexican-style rice is famous throughout the country and is commonly prepared yearly. The following recipes demonstrate some of the best-known preparations of this staple grain.

Rice is an essential staple in northern Mexican cuisine and is often accompanied by beans, tomatoes, and beef. In addition to rice, flour tortillas are a staple of north Mexican cuisine. Many recipes use flour tortillas, and the burrito is a popular staple. In Sonora, the first flour tortilla burrito was created. Another staple of northern Mexican cuisine is the machaca, a seasoned beef soup. This dish is usually served as the house dish. It can also be eaten as tacos.

Spanish settlers brought Spanish elements and ingredients to Mexico, including rice. These elements were incorporated into Mexican cooking and combined with New World ingredients. For instance, tomatoes were often used instead of Spanish saffron in everyday rice dishes. In addition to these additions, Mexican rice was made with ingredients native to each region of Mexico.

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Tortillas in northern Mexican cuisine have a long history. The tortilla comes from the Spanish word “torta,” which means cake. Spanish colonizers began their brutal conquest of the New World in 1492 and reached Mexico by 1519. The Spanish brought their cultural influences, including a preference for starch.

Tortillas in northern Mexican cuisine are made from flour, an everyday staple of regional cooking. They are typically thick and have a strong wheat taste. Famous Sonora-style flour tortillas are made with flour, water, and salt. They are more pliable than corn tortillas and are an essential ingredient for burritos and quesadillas. They are also used to make carne asada tacos.

Tortillas in northern Mexican cuisine originated in the Sonora region, where a strong ranching tradition developed. Beef is the primary meat, and the flour tortilla is an essential part of the local cuisine. The tortillas are often rolled and filled with beef and cheese. For added flavor and appearance, the tortillas are covered with a blanket of cheese.


Vegetables are an essential part of Mexican cooking. While Americans don’t think of Mexican food as having much of a vegetable component, the Mexican market is full of enormous displays of fresh vegetables. While most dishes are made with meat or fish, there are also many vegetable dishes. One of the most delicious dishes is the roasted chayote with green chile herby marinade.

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Native foods in northern Mexican cuisine include corn, beans, amaranth, chia, and cactus. These foods are also used in desserts and salsas. Many people also enjoy eating potatoes, a staple of many dishes.

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