Some of the Spiciest Dishes From Mexico

If you’re looking for a spicy meal, look no further than the food of Guerrero, where chelate de Pollo and chile de Arbol peppers are essential ingredients. Chile de shrimp is similar to chelate de pollo but is made from shrimp instead of chicken. The shrimp are cooked with guajillo peppers and chile de Arbol peppers, garlic, onion, and spices like epazote, agar, and other ingredients to create a dish that’s hotter than a regular entrée. Generally, chile de shrimp is served as a midday meal.

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Cochinita pibil

This pork dish is traditionally eaten on Sundays, but it is available almost every day of the week. Try it at El Paisa Taqueria in Tulum, a seven-minute drive from the beach. The taqueria has excellent cochinita pibil and is served with fresh tortillas.

Cochinita pibil is a smoky and earthy dish from the Yucatan Peninsula. It is traditionally made by burying pork in a pit with a fire at the bottom. The Mayan word “pib” means “bury.” In the past, the dish was made from chicken, boar, or deer, but Spanish conquerors introduced pork to the plate. It is served on a warm tortilla topped with an ashy and savory mix of spices and vegetables.

This dish is a staple in Mexican cooking. You can find it in local markets and some theme parks. You can also find it frozen. It keeps well in the refrigerator for a couple of days. One key ingredient is achiote or chile paste. This is essential because you cannot substitute it. The chile paste must be mixed with lime, orange juice, and salt. Be sure to wash your hands and blender after preparing the sauce because the achiote stains the blender.

Cochinita pibil is a traditional Mexican dish. The meat is tender and juicy, and the sauce combines the marinade’s acidity and the spices’ richness. The heart is usually wrapped in a banana leaf and served with tortillas. The dish is traditionally served with red pickled onions and warm tortillas.

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Aguachile is a highly spicy shrimp ceviche derived from the Sinaloa region of Mexico. It is typically served with red onion, cucumber, and cilantro criollo. A flurry of green chile is sprinkled over the dish. This dish is considered native to Sinaloa and a favorite among Mexican seafood lovers.

Aguachile was initially made with shredded meat and salt mixed with water from a river. Later, the dish was expanded to include shrimp and lime juice. This dish soon became a signature appetizer for neighboring states, which began to make variations of it to suit their palates. Today, there are three basic variations of aguachile: traditional, mestizo, and contemporary.

The shrimp is marinated for at least 20 minutes and is cooked when they’re soft pink. Sliced red onion is prepared similarly, but the red color can be enhanced by adding white vinegar to the mixture. Aguachile marinade is a mix of chilies, lime juice, cilantro, and garlic mixed in with the shrimp.

While jalapenos are a common addition to Mexican dishes, aguachile is an authentic Mexican dish. Its name means “chile water.” It is a highly spicy appetizer that can be enjoyed cold or hot.

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Camerones a la Diabla

If you want to know how to cook some of the spiciest foods in Mexico, you should try Camarones a la Diablo. These spicy dishes are not difficult to prepare but require some kitchen etiquette. One key ingredient is red Roma tomatoes, which are extremely hot.

Camarones a la Diablo is an appetizer that can be served with various spicy sauces. You can use chipotle peppers or habanero salsa. You can also help them as a main dish if you like.

The devilishly spicy shrimp that you’ll find in this dish is delicious. They are made with a spicy sauce and are delicious as an appetizer or main course. It’s also easy to make and can be prepared ahead of time.

Pork beans

One of the most popular dishes in Mexico is pork beans, which are prepared in several ways. Traditionally, pork beans are cooked with pork chorizo, bacon, or lard. A variety of spices and herbs may accompany pork beans. They are also commonly served with corn tortillas dipped in hot sauce and filled with meat or vegetables.

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Spicy dishes abound in Mexico, and the most popular words are beef and pork stews. In addition, grilled fish is served with a spicy sauce or salsa. On the southern coast, spicy dishes are often found with corn and black beans.

While peppers and chilies are staples of Mexican cooking, beans were also native to the area and were commonly used by early Mexicans. Because meat was scarce in early Mexico, beans were a protein source for the people. As time passed, beans were incorporated into Mexican food as a quality ingredient.

Mexican cuisine includes many other ingredients that contribute to its spiciness. Garlic powder, cinnamon, and onion powder are essential ingredients. These spices add flavor and aroma to many dishes. Cilantro is a peppery herb that is common in Mexican cooking. Moreover, guacamole is a popular Mexican condiment. It can be eaten with tortilla chips or as a side dish.


Though Mexican cuisine is known for its spicy dishes, enchiladas are not necessarily spicy. You can find a wide variety of these tortilla-based pies. They can be fried, rolled, or baked. Some people prefer to dip the tortilla first before frying it.

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The origin of enchiladas dates back to the XVII century. The Aztecs first used tortillas as a wrap around their food. Modern enchiladas are prepared with corn tortillas dipped in spicy sauce. The filling is usually pre-cooked chicken breast or leftover chicken. Other options include beef, cheese, and vegetables.

You can make enchiladas with chicken or beef. If you want to use beef, you should cook the meat over a low flame. When adding ground beef, mix it thoroughly with the sauce. Once the heart is well-mixed, add the cheese and bake until the tortillas are done.

You can also use pre-cooked chicken or canned chicken instead of fresh. Some people use roasted chilies as a substitute for fresh chilies. In any case, make sure to serve with plenty of salsa and guacamole. You can also do these enchiladas with a side salad.

Pipian stew

Pipian stew is made by simmering chicken in tomato sauce and seasoning with epazote, a Mexican herb native to the Ilocos provinces. Ground rice and peanuts are added to thicken the sauce. The episodes are often replaced by dried oregano in modern recipes. This spicy stew is a family favorite enjoyed by four to six people.

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Pipian stew is a traditional dish in Mexico, which originated in pre-Hispanic times. The spicy dish is a staple in central and southern Mexico and was also a favorite of the Mexican emperor Moctezuma. The traditional recipe calls for chicken or hen but may include beef or rabbit. It is typically found on the western coast and the state of Sinaloa. Before the Spanish arrived, pre-Hispanic cultures boiled dry meat in water to create a broth or stew. Then, they would add chilies, spices, and other ingredients to make a tasty dish.

Pipian stew is an ideal dish for sharing with family and friends. It has an intense spicy taste and a thick texture. It is generally made with chicken and pumpkin seeds, but other sources are also used. It can also be made with nopales and shrimp. The ingredients used for piping stew are ground in the same manner as Mole Verde, but there are variations. Using smoked salt for the sauce adds a distinct smokiness to the stew.

Camarones a la Diabla

Camarones a la Diablo is a shrimp dish made with a spicy sauce. It can be served with white rice and fresh cilantro. It is best served warm. You can also do it with avocado.

Camarones a la Diablo is a popular dish in Mexico. This deviled shrimp dish is spicy, tasty, and made with a bright red chile pepper sauce. It is a must-try for anyone who enjoys spicy foods.

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In this dish, the ingredients are indigenous to Mexico. The shrimp are cooked in a savory sauce with a spicy sauce made of Guajillo peppers and red Roma tomatoes. This spicy meal can be served as an appetizer or a main dish.

You can make the shrimp a la Diablo sauce three days ahead and refrigerate it. You can also freeze it for up to three months. After you’ve made the sauce, you can either reheat the shrimp or sauté it in a skillet or oven. However, you shouldn’t reheat the shrimp too much, or they will get chewy. You can also serve leftovers of the deviled shrimp cold with a salad.

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