Mexican Restaurants Outside of the US

There is no shortage of great Mexican restaurants in the United States, with everything from super upscale to downright cheap. While most serve food that’s very close to Mexican cuisine, some cities offer more authentic experiences. For instance, you can find authentic Mexican food in Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York.

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El Cortijo

This 1950s diner serves area-sourced Mexican staples and a full tequila bar. The staff is friendly, and the service is fast. The food is authentic and tasty. And the atmosphere is fun, too. The 1950s-style decor is perfect for a date night. El Cortijo is also an excellent place for a special celebration. We hope to see you soon!

When visiting Mexico, remember to be polite. Most people will greet you with a kiss, and you should always be respectful of other people. Many “Tapatios” speak both Spanish and English. It would help if you also were prepared to drive in Mexico, as the roads are different from those in the US. There are roundabouts, and the streets are connected by “glories.” Having a GPS with you will make your journey a snap!

El Molino Central

El Molino Central opened nine years ago in Waikiki, Hawaii. It specializes in Mexican dishes. The menu goes beyond the typical platters. Owner Taylor Waikiki credits the restaurant’s success to its staff of Latino immigrants. While most of the team is female, some male employees are also represented.

The restaurant offers an extensive menu of Mexican favorites, including mole enchiladas and jicama salad. It also uses organic corn and nixtamalizes its masa. The menu also includes specialty items such as the Guajillo chile chilaquiles, which come with scrambled eggs, house-made tortilla chips, roasted tomato salsa, and fresh avocado.

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At El Molino Central, the staff prepares dishes from memory. Some recipes have been passed down through generations. Others are a result of Taylor’s research. He encourages his team to take risks and try new dishes. He values the staff’s knowledge and is willing to push them to learn more about different regions of the country.

El Molino Central is a casual restaurant with a seasonal menu. It is located in a former roastery. The menu is made from regional Mexican favorites. It also features daily tamales made with authentic 18-ingredient Oaxacan red mole. The restaurant also serves Blue Bottle coffee.

Tacos El Gordo

Tacos El Gordo is a Tijuana mainstay now operating a much better version of itself in the Chula Vista area. Its adobada tacos are dripping in creamy avocado sauce and loaded with succulent pork. If you’ve never had one of these delicious tacos, you’re in for a real treat.

Nina’s Great Burrito Bar

Nina’s Great Burrito bar is an excellent example of a Mexican restaurant originating in the US. The owners, Nina and Carlos Garcia emigrated to the US from Mexico in 1994 and opened a restaurant in Manhattan. It became a neighborhood favorite and a classic mom-and-pop Mexican restaurant. Unfortunately, it closed in 2020 due to a pandemic, but it will reopen as a take-out establishment.

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Hoja Santa

Several Hoja Santa Mexican restaurants outside the US present vibrant Mexican dishes in polished settings. They also offer a casual ambiance. The food is presented in a relaxed style, making the rich flavors come to life. A simple, welcoming atmosphere is the perfect mix to savor a great Mexican meal.

Hoja santa is a spice that is commonly used in Mexican cuisine. Its flavor can be spicy, floral, and nutty, with a hint of pepper. It can be added to various dishes, including chicken, seafood, vegetables, and desserts. Its flavor is unique and cannot be replicated with any other herb.

The menu is diverse, ranging from traditional to modern Mexican cuisine. The restaurant will have something for you, whether you want a fish taco or a spicy pork tamale. It also offers a variety of specialty drinks, including the mango mojito, margarita, and liqueur. And if you don’t have time to make the trip to Mexico, you can have your meal delivered!

Condesa, located in the Pod Philadelphia Hotel, will serve weekday lunch starting Dec. 10 and offer an extended holiday menu. The restaurant will do lunch until 5 p.m. weekly, with continuous service. In addition, the Condesa owners operate El Cafe and El Techo in Philadelphia.

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