Mexican Dishes That Aren’t Spicy Hot

If you aren’t a big fan of spicy foods, there are some Mexican dishes you can try that aren’t spicy. These include Carnitas, Gringas, Volcanes, and Tlayuda.


Carnitas are a great way to enjoy Mexican food without spicy heat. The meat is simmered and is full of flavor. Because of its high-fat content and sinew, carnitas are usually made with pork butt rather than chicken breasts or loin. When braised for an extended period, this meat becomes very tender. Besides, carnitas are a great side dish, as they can be added to a quesadilla or burrito.

Carnitas are the best type of meat for tacos. They’re also great for salads. The heart can be shredded or sliced into small pieces and served in tacos, burritos, or salads.

Pork carnitas can be made crispy and eaten as a taco or salad. You can also cook the pork in a skillet and reheat it under a broiler. You can also prepare this dish the day before and store it in the freezer. Pork carnitas also reheats easily.

In addition to the famous tacos, you can also try the meat-filled gordita. This dish originated in the northern state of Queretaro and is traditional street food in this area. It is a thick tortilla similar to an arepa or pita. The slit in the middle of the gordita allows it to be stuffed with whatever you like. Traditional gorditas are filled with pork skin. The meat is usually profoundly fried but can also be grilled or baked.


While spicy foods have their place in Mexican cuisine, you can find many good Mexican dishes that aren’t hot. Try taquitos, stuffed tortillas with meat and cheese, and fried. These can be pretty spicy but can also be very sweet. Other non-spicy Mexican foods include milanesas, which are breaded meat cutlets.

Although Mexican food is often deemed hot, there are plenty of dishes that aren’t very spicy and can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Thankfully, most spices in Mexican food are only used as condiments, so they’re not necessarily necessary in every dish. You can also choose milder versions of spicy dishes by substituting ingredients or eliminating them.

For instance, some recipes for Mexican soups don’t contain peppers. Most of these soups are vegetable-based, and the spice is often added as sauces or salsas. Using cooling condiments helps make soups less spicy. The famous Mexican hot sauce, Tabasco, is a popular choice for a Mexican meal, but plenty of other options don’t involve peppers or spices.

Another option is to try botanas, ham, and cheese sandwiches made with tortillas. This dish is one of the most straightforward and delicious Mexican dishes. It is a true classic and is often the best option for people with dietary restrictions.


Consider the central region if you’re looking for Mexican dishes that aren’t too hot. This part of Mexico has plenty of pork dishes, including morisqueta, which features serrano peppers that are medium in heat. This means you can eat it without fear of being too hot and adjust the heat level to match your preferences. Dishes from the south Pacific coast are also low in heat, and the cheese produced in Oaxaca is relatively mild.


Tlayuda is a popular Mexican dish that is not spicy or hot. It is served in taco form, with crispy corn tortillas and a combination of meat and vegetables. It can be done solo or as a communal meal. To make it even tastier, add a topping of your choice.

Tlayuda is a form of taco that originated in Oaxaca. It is a giant corn tortilla covered in meat, cheese, and other ingredients. This unique Mexican dish is often served in street carts and high-end restaurants.

Oaxaca, Mexico, is home to many famous restaurants and street foods. One of these is Casa de la Tlayuda, which specializes in this dish. You can also try sopes or gorditas, pocket-shaped patties made with the same ingredients. These are often filled with nopales and mushrooms.

Another tasty Mexican dish that isn’t spicy hot is the mole manchamantel, a sweet dish made with pork and plantain. You can even get it thickened with corn flour or crushed corn tortillas. Tlayuda is one of Oaxaca’s most famous street foods and is often called a Mexican pizza.

Pozole de Pollo

Pozole de Pollo is a traditional dish in Mexico that is served on Christmas and Mexican Independence Day. It is one of the country’s most popular dishes and can easily feed six to eight people. It’s very comforting and has a rich history. There are many variations of pozole, and there are also different types of ingredients and toppings.

Pozole is a hearty soup or stew made from maize and meat. It’s usually made with pork and hominy and chicken or vegetables. Several varieties of pozole, such as white or green, have different flavors and textures. Many people enjoy pozole with tostadas, which are often served with it.

Pozole de Pollo is a classic Mexican stew that isn’t spicy hot. The ingredients are as varied as the families who prepare them. Chicken broth provides savory depth, while canned fire-roasted diced tomatoes add smoky acidity. The addition of Mexican oregano and green chilies adds earthy notes. Canned hominy gives the stew a pleasantly chewy texture.

Pozole de Pollo is a delicious, comforting meal that isn’t spicy or hot. You can make the soup the night before and let the pork soak up the flavorful broth overnight. In the morning, you can skim off the hardened fat.


If you’re looking for some great Mexican dishes but don’t want them to be too hot, there are some good ones you can try. Discada is a typical dish found in Northern Mexico and is loaded with meat, including chorizo, bacon, and jalapenos. This dish is served on a stick and is deliciously served with lime and cilantro.

Typical Mexican dishes are a blend of hot and mild flavors. Some are sweet and savory. Fried fish tacos, for instance, are not spicy. The spicy condiments you’ll see on the tacos will make the fish spicy for you, but otherwise, it’s a bland dish. Other meat-based dishes include picadillo, which is a meat hash.

Tacos are another good Mexican dish that’s not too hot. They’re typically made of shredded meat and are wrapped in banana or corn leaves. Although they can be messy, tamales are typically full of flavor and are an excellent option for those who aren’t into spicy food.

Traditional Mexican dishes are notorious for being spicy but don’t have to be. Using milder ingredients such as chicken or fish and limiting the use of dairy products can make them less spicy. However, traditional Mexican dishes are incredibly rich in fat and calories, so they aren’t always the healthiest option. You can also modify many words with simple substitutions to make them lower in fat, calories, and spice.

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