How to Spot an Authentic Mexican Restaurant

If you’re looking for a Mexican restaurant that delivers authentic Mexican food, you should keep a few things in mind. Some signs that a place is an original include the decoration. You might see pinatas, paper banners, and other Mexican-themed decorations. If these elements are too overpowering, it’s not a good sign. Also, be wary of beer posters that feature a model in a giant sombrero.

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El Coyote

If you’re going to a Mexican restaurant, there are a few things to look for. For one, the staff will likely be dressed in regular, non-Mariachi uniforms. A restaurant with a waiter dressed as a mariachi musician is probably fake, and you should stay clear.

Another sign of a quality Mexican restaurant is whether the food is made with fresh ingredients. Fresh produce and protein are essential for authentic Mexican cuisine. The food should also be colorful and rich in flavor. Make sure to ask for hand-sized corn tortillas if possible. A restaurant with large tortillas might be fake.

The decor is another sign of authenticity. An excellent Mexican restaurant will have traditional decorations such as paper banners and pinatas. However, too many decorations may not be a good sign. And don’t go to a Mexican restaurant that features a giant sombrero on the beer poster.

An excellent Mexican restaurant should have multiple types of salsa. If the salsa is too mild, then it is not authentic. Authentic Mexican food includes a variety of salsas, including green and red. The salsa should not taste like ketchup. And don’t ask for fajitas if you want authentic Mexican food.

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Authentic Mexican restaurants are hard to find. While some serve delicious food, others are fake and a waste of money. Many people have been disappointed by eating at fake Mexican restaurants. Knowing the difference between a fake and authentic Mexican restaurant can make the difference between a great meal and a disappointing one.

Try the Guelaguetza. The cheesy mole sauce paired with massive plates of meat is the perfect combination for a large group of people. Don’t miss the Queso FUNdido if you’re hungry. Whether traveling alone or with a large group, an excellent Mexican restaurant will serve delicious Mexican food and be a hit.

Authentic Mexican food has a long, rich history. It has been influential on the world’s food culture for centuries. The Spanish first brought Aztec chocolate to Europe in 1657. An excellent Mexican restaurant knows that different dishes require different kinds of salsa. When the salsa is too bland, it’s not authentic Mexican food.

El Compadre

If you want to enjoy authentic Mexican food and a lively atmosphere in Shreveport, Louisiana, you should consider El Compadre. The restaurant offers traditional Mexican food as well as an extensive drink menu. During happy hour, you can enjoy a wine or beer or try one of their specialty cocktails. The restaurant also offers gluten-free items.

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The enchiladas ranchers are the highlight of the menu at El Compadre. They have just the right balance of cheese and meat, and the sauce is excellent. Try the salsa Roja for the best flavor. The fajitas are also great. They are huge, and you don’t need tortillas to order one. The tacos, on the other hand, are a bit below average.

The food is excellent, and there are daily specials as well. On Wednesdays, you can get a fajita for only $9.99. On Thursdays, you can get two-for-one tacos. And, from 4 to 7 pm, you can enjoy 2 for one drinks.

La Cabana

If you’re in the mood for authentic Mexican food, La Cabana is the place for you. The staff is friendly, the food is delicious, and the prices are competitive. Plus, the restaurant has a good atmosphere. There’s also a kids’ menu, and if you’re in the mood to treat your family to a fun night out, La Cabana is a great place to go.

The owners of La Cabana are Matilde and Jesus Manzo, who originally hails from Michoacan. They have a son and six daughters. They’ve been running the restaurant for many years. Despite the restaurant’s popularity, its reputation as an excellent Mexican restaurant remains strong.

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