Mexican Cuisine
Some of the Spiciest Dishes From Mexico
If you’re looking for a spicy meal, look no further than the food of Guerrero, where chelate de Pollo and chile de Arbol peppers are essential ingredients.
Mexican Cuisine
What is the Difference Between Mexican and Indian Food?
The two countries share a passion for cilantro. They both love to use it on their dishes. You’ll find it in Chimichangas, enchiladas, Montanans, and more.
Mexican Cuisine
Why Do Mexicans Enjoy Spicy Food?
There are various theories on why Mexicans enjoy spicy food. Some believe that spicy food is a sign of masochism. Others point out that spicy foods may
Mexican Cuisine
Why is Mexican Food Often Perceived to Be Terrible?
Most people associate Mexican food with the stereotypes of contaminated food, poor quality, and cheap fare, but these misconceptions are wildly inaccurate.
Mexican Cuisine
Spices Used in Mexican and Indian Dishes
Many people think of cumin as a mainstay of Indian cooking, but it’s also used in Mexican cuisine, especially mole sauce. Mexican cooks grind cumin
Mexican Cuisine
Tamarindos – The Main Ingredient in Tamarindos Mexican Spicy Candy
Tamarind is the main ingredient in almost all Mexican candy. You may not know it, but tamarind is a fruit. Tamarind is a favorite among people who love
Mexican Cuisine
Why is Mexican Food So Spicy?
One reason Mexicans enjoy spicy foods is the fact that it helps them combat the pain of illness. Interestingly, archeological studies indicate that peppers
Mexican Cuisine
Where is the Spiciest Mexican Food From?
The region of Guerrero is known for spicy food. Chile de Pollo, a popular midday meal, uses chile de Arbol peppers, onion, and garlic. It is topped with
Mexican Cuisine
Cumin Or Comino Used in Mexican Cooking?
Cumin is a spice that’s native to the Americas. It was first planted in New Mexico by Spanish settlers in the 1600s, and it quickly became an essential
Mexican Cuisine
Why is Mexican Food So Spicy?
While the level of spiciness in Mexican food varies from region to region, most Mexican dishes are considered spicy. Many traditional Mexican words contain