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Does Mexican Food Have a Lot of Sodium?
While there are many healthy Mexican restaurant options, these dishes also contain high sodium and saturated fat. The American Heart Association recommends
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Are Brazilian and Mexican Cuisine Similar?
Although Brazilian and Mexican food is quite different, their staple ingredients are very similar. In particular, both countries make good use of hot peppers and chili.
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Do Mexicans Eat Spicy Food For All 3 Meals Every Day?
A baseline questionnaire asked participants if they usually ate hot spicy foods. They could choose from several categories, including rarely, rarely, or
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Is Latin American Food Other Than Mexican Popular in Mexican Restaurants?
If you’re wondering, “Is Latin American food other than Mexican popular in Mexican restaurants?” you’re not alone.
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Mediterranean Or Mexican? Which is Healthier?
Mediterranean and Mexican foods are very similar in many ways. Both use a lot of plant-based proteins. Both are served with corn tortillas, brown rice
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Cumin in Tacos?
Cumin is commonly used in Mexican cuisine. It is a spice that adds flavor to the food when used sparingly. However, cumin is not used in all Mexican recipes.
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Mexican Restaurants Outside of the US
There is no shortage of great Mexican restaurants in the United States, with everything from super upscale to downright cheap. While most serve food that’
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What is Mexican Food?
Mexican cuisine is a collection of cooking traditions and cuisines originating in Mexico. These dishes range from tacos to enchiladas. Learn more about
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What Happens If You Eat Too Much Mexican Food?
If you have ever wondered about the dangers of overeating Mexican food, you’re not alone. This article looks at some of the most common Mexican food
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Do All Mexicans Eat Spicy Food?
Despite the name, Mexican cuisine isn’t always spicy. While some Mexicans love spicy foods, others find them unpleasant and painful.